The Importance of Being Earnest
Friday, March 22- Saturday, April 6
By Oscar Wilde
Adapted by Michael J. Lasley & Parrish Williams

Although the play was written near the end of the 19th century, the message is still valid—a person’s name and heritage mean little; it’s what you make of yourself that counts. Two charming young ladies—sophisticated Gwendolen from the city and naive Cecily from the country—are in love with Earnest Worthing. But there is no such person as Earnest Worthing. Gwendolen thinks Jack is Earnest, and Cecily thinks Algy is Earnest. Each girl swears that she could never love a man who wasn’t named Earnest. In the midst of all this confusion comes Lady Bracknell, who doesn’t like the idea of anybody loving anybody. It sounds like a big mess, but Wilde unwinds this knotty affair into one of the favorite comedies of English literature.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday @ 7pm
Sunday @ 2pm


Cast List

John Worthing – Ethan Mathias
Algernon Moncrieff – Bradford Reilly
Gwendolen Fairfax – Carrie Schlatter
Lady Bracknell – Vickie Phipps
Cecily Cardew – Sabrina Duprey
Miss Prism – Miki Mathioudakis
Rev. Chasuble – Craig Kemp
Lane/Merriman – Matt Anderson